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Box Lacrosse Fights Rule So Hard

People forget that the national sport of Canada is actually lacrosse. 

The summer rolls around, hockey arenas all melt their ice, and then the boys can finally start to play a real sport for the next few months. You've got the young bucks competing for a Minto Cup playing Jr A ball, and you've got the men getting after it all summer for a Mann Cup in Sr. A. 

So here we have a Jr A game between the Orangeville Northmen and Peterborough Lakers. You've got a couple fellas battling it out for a loosie near the benches, one buddy goes ahead and lands a massive crosscheck to the back of the other, and now we've got ourselves a tilt. Gloves drop, helmets off, time to let the haymakers fly. 

Hockey fights are obviously awesome. You get a ton of theatrics in the set up of them. You've got guys who can throw some absolute bombs out there. But occasionally all the build up for the fight goes right out the window when one of the guys loses his balance after the first punch. Box lacrosse fights, on the other hand? Well these sick bastards are just wearing sneakers. So the only time they're going to lose their balance is when they take a fist square to the face so hard it completely shatters their equilibrium. 

Great tilt there for the boys. By the way--buddy in white who landed that final right just graduated high school and will be a freshman at Denver next year. 

P.S. -- Orangeville may have lost the fight, but they poured it on when it comes to the scoreboard. 10-2 final with a couple goals coming like this.