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Doug Polk Was In Absolute Hell With Pocket Aces Facing a Ginormous Raise In What Could Have Been A $2.15 MILLION Pot


Doug was in HELL.



This million dollar cash game tonight has been absolutely insane. Hustler (the same stream I played on where I punted to Botez) is on night 3 of a $1 million buy in game and there have been several absolutely sick hands, but this one takes the cake. "LSG Hank" with an absolutely insane $737k bluff with just ace high, putting Doug Polk in the most expensive cage of his life. Doug had no idea what to here, ultimately randomizing his decision, which is lowkey/highkey awesome.

He ended up folding, inciting this reaction from Hank:



That's a gangster bluff, no two ways about it.

We gotta get Dave (Portnoy) on one of these shows. Let's see him swing his dick with the big boys, would break YouTube poker streaming records, that's for sure.