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Josh Hart Made The Ultimate Mistake Of Talking About Drinking His Wife's Breast Milk And It May Have Cost Himself Millions Of Dollars

An age old debate for dads everywhere. Have you tried breast milk? I know this isn't going to hit for everyone, again, this is a dad specific blog. It's also Josh Hart being a new dad and breaking the number 1 rule of the debate. You don't openly admit it! You don't tweet out that you're out here sucking down titty milk like it's almond milk! 

I can happily say I've never tried breast milk. If it ain't 2% going into my cereal, keep that milk away from me. Now here's the other problem with Josh Hart admitting this and I believe every other dad will be nodding along with me here. The moment you admit you spilled/wasted/drank some of the breast milk, you might as well have a death wish. You try helping out by either putting that (magical) shit into a bag or bottle and there's a few drops all over the place, you might as well get that couch and blanket ready. 

Now, Josh admits the truth for every single dad here: 

But you can't be openly tweeting about it. You can't just blurt out you're drinking some of the breast milk. This is why Josh Hart is losing his best friend: 

Am I worried that Josh Hart admitting he's the lunatic in the relationship here is what's going to end the best friends in New York? Yes. Even more so than paying Josh Hart $20 million. See, you can be the crazy person on the team simply by drinking breast milk and admitting it in the locker room, but you can't have Jalen Brunson unfollow you. Shit, Brunson is the guy for the Knicks. You need him in your corner so you can get the deal you want. Good luck now. 

My Knicks brain is in a pretzel here because I figured they'd be best friends forever in blue and orange. On the other hand, knowing Josh Hart is willing to do anything for a little edge maybe it'll help? Knicks need anything and everything to get over the hump, this could be the edge missing. Plus we saw all the hurt ankles and injuries in the playoffs, breast milk is basically liquid gold, so who knows? It could help there too.

Again this is a lesson for the new dads out there. 1) Don't drink the breast milk unless your wife tells you to do so. 2) Don't you dare fucking spill the breast milk. 3) Don't tweet about doing 1 or 2 unless you're told to. That shit is how babies sleep which means you get to sleep. Treat it as such. 

PS: Obligatory, still makes me laugh all the time

PPS: This is basically as questionable as Josh Hart eating Ledo's pizza in NYC. That shit stays in Maryland man.