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Deshaun Watson Says He Would LOVE To Reunite With DeAndre Hopkins On The Browns

Oh my goodness, a Deshaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins reunion in CLEVELAND? And let's not beat around the bush here....the Browns offense instantly goes from Top 5 talent in the league right now to far and away the best. And that's not debatable. 

I'm not saying the Browns have the best coach or the winning culture or any of that stuff which clearly matters, but what I am saying is that if you line up player-for-player our starting offense against ANY other team in the league, the Browns are winning that battle whether it's me, Adam Schefter, or anyone else that knows ball making the decisions. That's a fact.

Here's what the Browns would be rolling out there:

QB - Deshaun Watson

RB - Nick Chubb

WRs - DEANDRE HOPKINS, AMARI COOPER, AND ELIJAH MOORE (don't forget we drafted Cedric Tillman, too)

TE - David Njoku 

Offensive Line - PFF's #1 ranked 

Who can compete with that? Seriously, this isn't click bait or hyperbole. It's really not even close. In fact, the only debate I'm actually willing to have is who has the best receiving corps in the league if we get Hopkins: Browns or Bengals. But again, we have the better QB, RB, TE, and Offensive Line. So while they might (MIGHT!) have the better receivers, we have the better offense. Same goes for the Chiefs. I'll give them the Quarterback and Tight End, but what we slightly lose at those positions is more than made up for when we dominate literally every other aspect of offense.

Anyways, let's not put the cart before the horse here. It's important to note that it takes two to tango. So just because Deshaun wants Deandre does not mean Deandre is open to coming to Cleveland.


Oh my goodness. Deshaun and Deandre are both open to it. We have the cap space (18 million on June 2nd). So now we just need Andrew Berry to want to get it done. 

Side Note: I LOVE that our star player is allowing the GM to make these decisions, unlike when we had a star player on the basketball court in Cleveland that ran the show himself…

But the point remains: Deshaun is IN, Deandre is interested, now we just need Andrew Berry to kick the tires. Kick the damn tires, Andrew!!!