Baker Mayfield And Kyle Trask Are Fighting It Out To See Who Can Be A Worse Quarterback

I did that headline so all of you Baker Haters can click on it and get off. People love shitting on Baker, but I can guarantee Patrick Mahomes misses a pass during camp as well. These throws are so bad though it really is hard not to make fun of them. They went from Tom Brady to these two quarterbacks. That's quite the shell shock. 

This is my last year of having faith in Baker. He had no chance from the jump with the Panthers with how much of a mess they were. With Tampa though they have a lot of weapons to work with. If he loses to Kyle Trask I have nothing left for him because well, Trask is awful. 

The Bucs are going to win the division though. The Panthers are dog shit, the Falcons are dog shit, and Derek Carr couldn't do anything with one of the best receivers in football so the Saints are going to be a joke with him. Baker still has that dog in him and has that #1 talent to stop this nonsense and narrative that he is awful. He joined the Rams on two days noticed and beat the Raiders himself basically without knowing the plays.

 I will say though, this video is not promising. I actually don't think Patrick Mahomes has had that bad of a pass ever in his entire life. It is crazy though that people pick a player to make fun of and they will find anything. In hindsight he could have thrown 25 straight balls right in the numbers before this, but no one posted those. Baker struggling moves the needle. I say it's disgusting behavior. We should be rooting for him to revive his career.