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Video: Climate Protestor Finds Out What Happens When You Bring a Sign to a Boom Camera Fight on Live TV

NicoElNino. Getty Images.

The theory of Anthropogenic Climate Change is a complex one. And no matter how universally desirable the goal of clean air, water and soil is, many issues must be factored into the research. The environment. The economy. Health care. Abundance of energy. Peace. Prosperity. And so on. I mean, everyone's all in favor of reducing the use of fossil fuels. Until there's a brownout during a heatwave, so their A/C goes out and their phone charge is getting low. Then it's "Let's plug this bitch into a coal-burning plant five minutes ago. And make my coal extra sooty." 

The point being, that we need a holistic approach to the climate that takes into account the consensus ideas of the best researchers on the planet. As opposed to, say, the kind of crackpots who hurl soup at paintings or throw orange dust on gardens:

Yeah, I don't think the solution is going to come from going after those notorious environment destroyers: Plants. Then again, I don't want to get accused of being in the pocket of Big Flower Show, so I'll stay out of it. 

Still, these kooks who got hosed down by the angry old British lady look like Nobel Prize winners compared to the guy who took his protest to the world's greatest international celebrity dancing competition:

I'm sorry to this guy his message was lost in the moment. I don't know what his sign said. I don't know if he's promoting nuclear or solar, or asking us to return to the forest and live as Hunter-Gatherers. And frankly, I don't care. He could've been carrying a sign reading "Jerry Thornton King of the World" and it wouldn't register with me. Only that tremendous blow to the squash he took. Force is Mass times Acceleration. And that camera has to weigh north of a 100 pounds, plus the weight of the boom. And they hit him at, what? 20 mph? More money, perhaps? All we know is that he better hope the electricity stays on in the Intensive Care Unit where he's going to be spending the next few weeks recovering from massive brain trauma. 

Kudos to whoever dubbed in that WWE action, because it's perfect. But even more credit goes to the true heroes of this clip: Those dancers who never lost their focus, never missed a step, never broke their rhythm, even while this activists brains were splattering all over the studio like it was Dealey Plaza, 1963. I have no idea who they are. Hell, even American Dancing With the Stars has become Dancing With Someone Who Was in That Thing You'll Need to Look Up on IMDb. But if you can not break your concentration and keep on Tangoing while someone is being straight up murdered 10 feet away from you, you deserve the Mirror Ball trophy. 

Anyway, let's all do what we can to help the climate. For all our sake, and for the sake of this guy who fucked around with a ballroom dance competition, and found out.