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Memorial Day BBQ Food Fights In The Bronx Hit Different, Mostly Because They Involve People Throwing Full Cans And Bottles Of Beer At Each Other

As my boy KFC used to always say on this here blog...Now you're in NEWWWWWW YORRRRRRRK. Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there's nothing you can't dooooooooo, including impaling a stranger with a 40!!!

As an admittedly cream cheese soft, lifelong suburbanite, I never imagined of bringing a bottle to a food fight. But maybe that's a me problem. I mean, every person that's ever set up a table at a public park next to another party inevitably has the same discussion about how that other party have people stepping over those invisible boundaries and are trying to take over their space like its Putin barging into Ukraine or some shit. There may be a passive aggressive comment or two, but everyone usually peacefully coexists before going their separate ways.

But it's not always like that in The Bronx. Say what you want to say about the Boogie Down, but people from that borough usually let you know exactly where you stand in their eyes. That could be the case whether they are booing you while you are playing baseball at Yankee Stadium or if you are throwing a full, unopened beer can at their head. There is no gray area when it comes to the Bronx and there is something inherently beautiful about that, even if the public park where this happened at now has more shards of glass in it than blades of grass. But as far as I can tell, everyone walked away unscathed while also letting their aggression out, which is something you truly love to see.

Obligatory shout out to the greatest food fight ever since it’s when Peter Banning became Peter Pan again without throwing a single bottle or can.