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DOWN GOES THE BOSS: Bruce Springsteen Eats It Walking Up Stairs During His Concert, Bounces Back To Finish The Song Like A Pro

Bruce is fine, so all good there. Let's get that out of the way. But this is like seeing your favorite past-their-prime athlete in a big time game just fail to figure it out. It's like seeing Patrick Ewing in a Magic jersey for the first time. Bruce falling like that just makes you sort of wince. I'm a Bruce fan, still think he's one of the best live performers and showmen in the game. But you can't take a tumble like that, even if you execute a great recovery. Make a joke, get your guitar back and keep on singing. 

I've seen my guys take tumbles before, it's not fun. You think you're in the clear and then, you know, this happens: 

Or my personal favorite, Tim Miles eating shit after a win: 

Now Bruce is 73-years old. He's not in his prime dick sliding into the camera at the Super Bowl or anything like that. So seeing him fall walking up steps here is a bit jarring. Good job to get him back up on his feet right away. Can't let the Boss just lay on the ground waiting for help. Not at 73! That said, the groan from the crowd really sells the point. But he's a master at putting on a show. No chance he wasn't finishing.