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Happy Ted Lasso Series Finale Day To All Who Observe

Well, Lasso Army...the time has officially come. Tonight is AFC Richmond's Final match and (PROBABLY) the end of Ted Lasso as we know it. It's been my favorite show on television since it came out during Covid and in my offense hasn't faltered a bit. I know a bunch of people have been hating on Season 3 though I think it's winding down nicely with the last few episodes being absolutely awesome. I am man enough to admit I cried a few (like 6?) times during last week's penultimate episode and I'm going into tonight with a whole goddamn box of tissues. 

I am very much going to miss the wonderful blend of comedy, drama, and all around good vibes that Ted Lasso gives out on a weekly basis whenever it's airing. I know it's probably not the last we're gonna see of the gang since they basically have their own cinematic universe at this point, but it's still friggen' sad knowing this is basically the last we're gonna get of 'Ted Lasso'. Having said that...let's do some predictions for tonight's episode!

First off I think a monkey or an even dumber creature could probably figure out that with last week's ending it's pretty clear that Ted is gonna go back to Kansas City to spend time with his son and with Nate coming back to Richmond he'll become the Head Coach with Beard (He's got his Queen Jane he's got to stick around for) and Roy. Speaking of Roy like any fan of romance I'm hoping him and Keeley wind up happily ever after. I want them on their Ross Rachel shit, not their Ron and Sam shit. I'd assume last week was Jamie Tartt's final go around in terms of his story so I'm hoping for a big goal from Colin tonight if Richmond wins up winning. Hoping the rest of the fellas stay on for the spinoff (I'd assume there's gonna just be a spin-off with most of the cast still. Right? RIGHT?), which brings me to the storyline I'm most excited to see what happens on and that's Rebecca. 

There's obviously 2 options here- she and Sam realize they're meant for each other and just get together OR the nameless dude from Amsterdam shows back up. Would Rebecca and Sam be a feel good ending? Of course! But, my wonderful mother actually rewatched the series in preparation for the finale and she noticed earlier in this season when Rebecca went to the psychic she told her when she meets her new beau she'll be upside down and drenched! She met him right after falling over into the canal in Amsterdam! And (yell at my mom not me if this is wrong) but apparently the psychic also told her she's gonna have a family- not specifically that she'll get pregnant and the dude already has a daughter! Yet Sam also has the green matchbook she mentioned who the hell knows! 

Either way, I'm excited to find out what happens. Happy friggen Finale day! Oh and obviously Ted and Henry better wind up happy while I hope Dr. Jacob gets food poisoning. That is all.