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Does Anyone Have $49 Million I Can Borrow For Billy Joel's Long Island Compound?

NY Post- Mr. New York is movin’ out of his beloved Long Island home of over 20 years. In the village of Centre Island, roughly 40 miles east of Midtown Manhattan, Billy Joel’s 26-acre estate has hit the market for $49 million. Sources tell The Post that Joel had been renovating the residence — on Long Island’s prime North Shore — for the last few years with the intention to sell. The Piano Man purchased the spread in 2002 for $22.5 million, according to records. Initially, the Grammy winner had only purchased 14 acres, later buying up several adjacent parcels of land.

As the Post article said above, I guess you could say the Piano Man is Movin' Out! Ha ha! So quirky! ANYWAY, clearly Billy Joel has moved out of his $49 million, Great Gatsby-esque mansion on the North Shore of Long Island (He's from Long Island in case you didn't know) in favor of sunny Florida. My guy's property is OBVIOUSLY waterfront. Bill's got a built-in beach house on the premise, which by the way, when your house has a house, that's the sign you have real money.

Bill's got a tennis court, a helicopter pad, and elevator, and more class and elegance than I've ever seen in my life. Bill, quite literally, has it all. So you're getting your bang for your buck if you happen to have $49 million laying around...AND if you happen to want to lend that $49 million to me to make this purchase for myself I would not opposed.

I also happened to notice a few folks on Twitter and what not commenting about the big man's decision to move to Florida. How could Mr. New York, Billy Joel, take his talents full-time to Florida?!?!? How?!? How?!? Well let me answer- if you're asking, you simply are not from New York because everyone around here knows this is just the circle of life. If you're from New York, elderly, and happen to have a shit ton of money you move close to the beach in South Florida. It's basically the law around here. Can't knock Bill for getting some sun as long as he makes the trek back up here once a month for his Garden shows. Everybody wins!


PS: The home he's buying in Florida is $65 million. I shoulda learned to play piano.