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Today Should Be An All Time Day For Group Chats

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Certain days of the year give off a distinct energy. The last day of school growing up has a buzz in the streets, Thanksgiving Eve in the cubes is an all time mail in day, Black Tuesday (the day after Labor Day) is like a funeral. Even Pay day every two weeks has a feeling, people are less miserable, maybe even a little chipper. I could go on forever. If you don't think days have energy you are crazy. Even down to Mondays and Fridays … days have an energy. Just a fact. 

Summer days for sure have an energy. Friday before heading away for the weekend, or to a shore house. Thursdays before going out. Hell it's the summer .. pretty much every day in the summer is a litter better than the rest of the year. As you know, group chats are always active. Everyone has their group chat or group chats where their break chops, or instigate or make jokes etc. More likely than not, the summer house, or summer group takes precedent for group chats this time of year. 

Some might consider today a bit of depressing having to go back to the cubes after a long weekend, but I am actually on the opposite side. I think today is an ELITE day for group chats. On one hand it does suck to be back at work, likely hungover, instead of out partying, but I think the positives far outweigh the negatives. Let me explain. 

Let's first do the negatives. 

Being back at work sucks, we covered that, but other than that … that's really it. 

The positives are plenty. 

1- You have an entire weekend of content to call back on

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That picture of Joey asleep on the porch couch instead of inside? Classic. Jimmy dropping the pizza? Boom. The layout of the house, the recaps of what happened, who flirted with who, different jokes etc. Everything is on the table. The chat has unlimited ammo. 

2- Everyone is still in good spirts with each other 

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Things are exciting. Things are new. You love your shore house, you haven't realized how much it affects your bank account for such a shitty living situation that smells weird, and is super small. Everyone is happy go lucky. When you break balls people laugh because they are all in good spirits. Try that shit in August and someone will come to blows over the slightest thing. After one weekend, no ones annoying habits have shown through yet. The fact that Frankie never takes out the trash, or that Sam takes too long in the bathroom hasn't become a thing yet. Those things for sure will be driving people crazy in Mid July. Right now everyone is willing to see the best with each other, so the text remains in good spirits. 


3- The summer has just begun, and the possibilities are endless

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You have 14 more weekends in front of you. Endless possibilities. The chat is popping off with what you will do this weekend, and maybe goals for the summer. Everyone is talking about how awesome the summer is going to be. Everyone is in good spirits, everyone is liking texts or throwing out LOL's. Everyone is excited. It's making the work day pass quickly. Being in the cubes ain't that bad when you're yucking it up with the boys over summer shenanigans. 

So while being in the cubes is a pain in the ass, it's all about how you get distracted in those days, and days like today have the best distractions. Cherish the days where the group chat is active and upbeat, because like anything in life it's no guarantee it will last forever. Enjoy it while you can.