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Brutal: Fankaty Dabo Missed A PK That Cost Coventry City A Spot In The Premier League, Leaves Team Three Days Later

Saturday was the richest game of the year. The playoff spot for the right to move up to the Premier League, a solid $200 million minimum game. And then worst case scenario for a player happens. Needing to convert a PK to keep the dream alive for Coventry City, Fankaty Dabo sails one. I'll argue that it's the worst way to lose a game, for sure in soccer, maybe in all of sports. It's just you vs the keeper. You're 'expected' to make a PK. It's one thing if the keeper saves it, guesses right, whatever, it's another to just boot one to the high heavens. 

Fast forward to today and it's announced that Dabo is leaving the team because his contract is expiring and they aren't bringing him back. 

That being your last shot for a club you helped get to that spot is brutal. I don't know if 'released' is the technically correct verbiage here, but either way, Dabo is leaving Coventry City. Sure, it's all part of the game and sports in general, but it's still brutal to see that news a few days after missing that PK. It's like when we see teams wish a player happy birthday and then they get cut later that day. This being the last image of your time with a club is just heartbreaking

John Walton - PA Images. Getty Images.

A team celebrating all around you, promotion and you're still in Championship. I still have a weird love/hate relationship with PKs. They are fun and thrilling to watch, but just the worst way to end a match, especially a big time one. Just play until there is a golden goal.