A 'Trove' of Jeffrey Epstein Emails Exposes Some of the Celebrities and Business Moguls Who Had Meetings With the Admitted Pedophile

Patrick McMullan. Getty Images.

As I've complained about before, the truly frustrating aspect of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal - apart, you know, from this whole business of countless vulnerable teenage girls getting groomed by a network of vile creeps to satisfy the warped carnal desires of a collection of aging, sick degenerates - is that it's become just another political football. Yet another relevant news item that should unite a divided culture into one common cause. Demanding to know the whole truth. The complete list of Epstein's co-conspirators. And vowing not to rest until the victims have gotten the closest thing to justice that can be provided for them. 

But is seems like the dead perv was too clever for us. It's like he understood if he brought powerful people from across the social and political spectrum into his club of deviants, no one would want the whole truth. Because once you start pulling the thread of some politician, businessman, or celebrity you hate, it's going to reveal the guys on your side were involved too. So therefore he was an Equal Opportunity Child Rapist recruiter. And that's also why no one in authority is in any rush to get to the bottom of how the most notorious criminal alive in our prisons managed to make himself much less alive right under everyone's noses. 

To that end, we've been getting that list of names Epstein was connected to in occasional dribs and sporadic drabs. Some we've know about for a while, but are getting more information on:

Others have remained in the category of rumors and innuendo, denied by the hired spokespeople of all involved. But we're finding out more all the time. And today is a milestone in terms of names being named:

Source - A vast trove of Jeffrey Epstein's private calendars and emails are being revealed today by

The hundreds of pages in the files give an unprecedented insight into the late pedophile's extraordinary network of power and influence. …

Presidents, prime ministers, royalty and famous names previously not linked to Epstein are also featured in the hundreds of pages of documents.

They show that Epstein courted the world's elite even after serving 13 months in jail for having sex with underage girls – and being labeled a registered sex offender.

This is really long, so let me hit the highlights in bullet form:

Prince Andrew and his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson

Prince Andrew has admitted to being friends with Epstein for more than a decade. He flew on his private plane numerous times, stayed at his properties and even visited Epstein's island in the Caribbean, witnesses have claimed. 

It seems Ferguson somehow managed to dig herself into a $5 million financial hole while being a royal and living in a castle filled with servants. Then around the time her ex-husband was allegedly committing sexual assault on a 17 year old accuser on Epstein's island, that $5 million somehow found it's way into Ferguson's hands. Problem solved! What a lucky break!

David Blaine and Chris Rock

David Blaine's only previously known connection to Epstein was appearing in his black book of contacts but the two men appear to have had a friendship, the records suggest.

In June 2013 Epstein had a dinner with the futurist Pablos Holman and a 'Jessica Joffe', which appears to be the actress of the same name.

The schedule says: 'David Blaine will stop by toward the end of dinner.' …

The calendar also says that 'maybe Chris Rock' would be coming, the first time that the comedian has been linked to Epstein. In 2002 Epstein did invite another comedian, Chris Tucker, on a trip to Africa with former President Bill Clinton aboard Epstein's private jet.

A source close to Rock said that he did not attend the dinner. The source admitted that Rock was friendly with Woody Allen – the comedian has previously said he has watched the director's movie Annie Hall more than 80 times – but that Epstein may have confused him with Tucker. 

This is an example of what I was talking about earlier. Chris Rock is one of the great comics of all time. Having him show up to one of Epstein's Creep Dinners would be gut-wrenching. And the fact that he not only didn't, but his name was only mentioned because Epstein couldn't keep his black comedians named Chris straight, is something to be grateful for. 

Bill Gates

Gates and Epstein had several meetings as the pedophile tried to persuade him to be the face of a fund where wealthy investors put in at least $100million each. …

In April 2011 Gates was scheduled for a dinner with former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers and Jes Staley, who at the time was the head of JP Morgan. … On September 8 the schedule said that at 10am Epstein was to meet Gates and billionaire Tom Pritzker at the Park Hyatt hotel in Manhattan.

They were to walk to the office of Leon Black followed by a meeting with Mort Zuckerman, both billionaire investors.

Later that day, Gates and Epstein would meet Kathy Ruemmler, the former Obama White House counsel, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Manhattan. …

Epstein rolled out the red carpet with some of his most important friends: Thorbjorn Jagland, the former Norwegian politician, and Norwegian diplomat Terje Rød Larsen, former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers and his wife and Eva Dubin.

You can read about Gates and the Russian bridge player above. Just note that his ex-wife Melinda met Epstein once and immediately sized him up for the creepshow he was, calling him 'evil personified'. I can't imagine what a guy like Bill got out of their friendship.

Woody Allen

Epstein's friendship with director Woody Allen was known but the closeness of their relationship comes to light through the calendars. …

Later that month the calendars say that Epstein would 'depart LA for ranch with Woody Allen', apparently referring to Epstein's New Mexico ranch.

On December 29, the schedule says that Allen was 'in PB (Palm Beach) with Jeffrey'.

September 2014 was one of the busiest months for their friendship and there was a dinner with former Obama White House counsel Kathy Ruemmler and Pay Pal founder Peter Thiel.

Once again, it's hard to imagine what a critically acclaimed auteur filmmaker and a billionaire financier had in common. But sexual attraction to minors makes strange bedfellows. Literally.

Here's more on the aforementioned banker.  And his taste for fine … um, "wines":

Jes Staley …

The logs show that Staley met Epstein at least 31 times from 2010-2015, many of which were after work hours at 6pm or 7pm. …

But the most disturbing calendar entries feature mention of Epstein making sure that 'wine' was available for Staley during his visits – in what appears to be a possible codeword for something else. …

On September 9, 2014, the diary noted a 7.30pm appointment with Staley. It read: 'HAVE JES'S WHITE WINE AVAILABLE'.

On November 20 that year next to a 5.30pm appointment, the schedule said: 'Jes Staley (MAKE SURE WE HAVE WHITE WINE).' ///

On December 4, 2009, Staley told Epstein via email: 'I realize the danger in sending this email. But it was great to be able, today, to give you, in New York City, a long heartfelt, hug'.

The next day, Epstein wrote to Staley: 'You were with Larry, and I had to put up with . . .' and attached a picture of a young woman, which is redacted in the court document.

Staley responded: 'Don't tell me, a French wine.'

Epstein replied: 'Always thoughts of alcohol.'

In other previously released Epstein and Staley talked about Disney princesses including one message sent in July 2010.

Staley told Epstein: 'Maybe they're tracking u? That was fun. Say hi to Snow White'.

Epstein responded: '(W)hat character would you like next?'

When Staley said 'Beauty and the Beast', Epstein replied: 'Well one side is available'.

Using wines and Disney princesses as metaphors for sex trafficked girls - allegedly - is the most Jeffrey Epstein thing I think we've ever heard. Something that's mentioned in the syllabus they hand out on the first day of Pedo 101. I'm sure it made that bro hug all the more heartfelt.

Irina Shayk, Wendi Murdoch and Richard Branson

The sole mention of Shayk is on February 14, 2012. At the time the Russian model was in high demand and appeared on the cover of magazines like Esquire UK and was dating soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. …

Wendi Murdoch, the former wife of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, is listed under a September 27, 2012 entry. …

The note says that 'Richard Branson may join the dinner'.

 A Russian model dating the athlete with the biggest social media following on Earth, the wife of a guy running a media empire, and one of the most recognizable billionaires alive. The Irish Rose and I were lucky to get two of our neighbors and my sister to join us over Memorial Day weekend, and we live on a beach. 


Peter Thiel

Tech billionaire and early Facebook investor Peter Thiel had several meetings with Epstein, the calendars show. …

He was also the chairman of analytics company Palantir, which works closely with the Department of Defense. …

The two men met for dinner at Epstein's New York mansion on the 12th with Woody Allen present, the schedule says.

The following day Epstein met Thiel on his own from 2pm to 4pm after which Bill Burns, the current director of the CIA who was deputy secretary of state at the time, joined them for an hour. …

A source close to Parker said that the meeting 'never happened' although it was scheduled to take place.

Norway's Crown Princess Mette-Marit appears in the calendars in September 2013, with Epstein's scheduler writing: 'Princess Mette to arrive today and stay until Thur Sep 26'. …

Tommy Mottola, the former chair of Sony Music, is mentioned twice with reminders for Epstein to call him, once in June 2013 and another time in January 2014.

Through a spokeswoman Mottola confirmed he had spoken to Epstein.

He said: 'Mr. Epstein and I shared some mutual acquaintances, and he called me several times to request concert tickets, as many people do'. …

Others who appear in the calendars include Former Norwegian Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik who had an 8.30am breakfast with Epstein in October 2013.

So, a tech billionaire who does work for the Pentagon, Mariah Carey's ex-husband, and a bunch of Norwegian royals added to a list that is already overloaded with A-listers. This is like a Knives Out movie, where the first act is all about introducing the characters and establishing their motives. Except, of course, this was no murder. It was a suicide. One that just happened to have been the luckiest of breaks for anyone who ran in Jeffrey Epstein's social circle. Politicians. Tech giants. Royals. Bankers. Filmmakers. Comics. Magicians. Models. Record moguls. Apparently none of whom realized they were sitting down to dinner with a man who was internationally (in)famous for grooming young women to have sex with him. Despite the fact he confessed to it under oath in a court of law. 

These names deserve to be mentioned in connection with this. And all the rest of the names have to be released, if it takes until the Heat Death of the universe. This thing can't have died with that asshole in his jail cell. He got off too easy. Nobody else should.