If You Are Going To Make Someone Look Like An Idiot , Make 40 People Look Like Idiots

I think at this point we've all seen a version of this "prank" where wives or girlfriends tell their boyfriends or husbands to wear the same shirt to dinner or a function etc. It's been around the internet for a while. Pretty basic, gets a chuckle out of me because you know as a male being told what shirt to wear is actually a favor for you. Less time digging through the closet, less headache ... easy. 

This version to me got a real laugh because of they really upped the ante. To get 40+ males to sit there sheepishly knowing they look like idiots together, and that their wives outsmarted them really does make me laugh. If you are going to make one person look like a dope, make them all look like dopes. The group photo at the end made me laugh because in 10-15 years when someone's flipping through the photo album of Graduation, they can get told the story of when all the wives made the neighborhood husbands look like morons. Harmless fun, I liked it. 

The one knock I have here is this. While it is very easy for a male to have his shirt picked out for him, no one balked at wearing a golf shirt ? Not one of these 40 guys said "It's my son/daughter graduation I'm not wearing a golf shirt , I'm wearing a shirt and tie" ? That's one that got me. No one thought about dressing up even a little bit for a nice family picture ? No one said they wanted to show some class for the ceremony? That's a weak move. Class it up a little bit at graduation, look nice in the picture. If you must wear a golf shirt, throw a jacket over it.. take notes from Tony, he knows how to look comfortable and classy at graduations.