Jack Eichel Has Still Never Lost A Playoff Series In His Entire NHL Career

Steph Chambers. Getty Images.

There are quite a few categories where Connor McDavid had the advantage over Jack Eichel at this point in their careers. McDavid has more goals (303-180), McDavid has more points (850-446), he has more Hart Trophies (2-0), and more Art Ross Trophies (4-0). 

But another area of Connor McDavid's career where he's racked up more numbers than Eichel? Playoff series losses. Because in the 8 years of Connor McDavid's career so far, he has lost a playoff series 5 times. For Jack Eichel? Jacky Hockey?

This sick puppy ain't neva lost. 

8 years in the league and not a single playoff series loss to his name. And now he's just 4 wins away from getting the advantage over McDavid in the biggest category of them all. Lord Stanley. 

6 seasons in the NHL and 2 trips to the Stanley Cup Final for the Vegas Golden Knights. Pretty dang ridiculous if you ask me. That's gotta drive a franchise like the Buffalo Sabres nuts. They've been in the league for over 50 years at this point and have only reached the Finals three times. They've worked their asses off for 5 decades all to have the same level of success as a team who didn't even exist the last time they made the playoffs. And it's not even like they haven't had the players to get it done…

I guess it's just the way she goes sometimes. 

But yeah. Either Jack Eichel or Matthew Tkachuk are just 4 wins away from being a Stanley Cup Champion, and that rules. America #1, baby!