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OnlyFans Model Showed Up To Arsenal's Last Match In Nothing But Body Paint To Try And Cheer Fans Up After They Blew The Premier League Title

I want to make fun of Arsenal for blowing the Premier League title, but I can't talk, I'm a Spurs fan. I know all about blowing matches and choking. It's basically what we do better than anyone else. But what a move here by Arabella. Imagine thinking this will cheer up Arsenal fans. Here's a little hint - soccer fans are fucking ruthless. They truly live or die with their club. They riot if there's one sort of bad news. They storm fields for good and bad reasons. They make SEC football fans look sane. 

Plus, I don't know if you can say Arsenal truly blew the title. I mean Man City is loaded, they SHOULD win the title every year with KDB, Grealish, Haaland and everyone else they have. That trio is absurd no matter how you look at it. But showing up in body paint and underwear to cheer up fans is a quality move, even if it doesn't work and you're only doing it to promote your own YouTube and pages. I admire the self-confidence to think people cares. I only care because this is a pageview business. 

Hard to argue it didn't work though. 5-0 win over Wolves. I mean, you can only judge the result on the pitch and that screams showing up to body paint works. Love that she went with her own name on the back too. Self promotion 101: