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The Man Who Saved The Heat And Really Won Them Game 7: Ed Sheeran And His Sad Music

[Source] - On ESPN’s Get Up today (May 29), the network’s Nick Friedell said of the environment in the Heat locker room after the playoff game:

“The disbelief in that room was palpable. That was one of the quietest locker rooms I’ve ever been in after a game. Now you have to understand: Jimmy Butler usually has that speaker bumping in that room, win or lose. It was silent. And after about 10 or 15 minutes, Gabe Vincent walks over to his locker and he hits play on his phone, and he plays ‘Life Goes On’ by Ed Sheeran, and certainly, that’s the mantra the Heat want to have going into Game 7 tonight.”

The only shocking thing here is the fact Jimmy Butler didn't put on Ed Sheeran. Gabe Vincent? That is unexpected but then again, it just shows that this is Jimmy's team. You think any other team can get away blasting some Ed Sheeran getting ready for game 7? Absolutely not. Hey, if anything this just proves that any person who gets super sad during a break up and plays all this sort of music might be onto something. They are crazy, but they might be onto something. It worked for the Heat and I likely base life experiences on what I see in basketball. 

And if that's not enough music to the Heat for you, apparently J. Cole is the reason Caleb Martin is on the Heat? 

Yeah, I'd say the guy who went and dropped 26 and 10 in a game 7 is fairly important. Just a small reason why the Heat blew the fucking doors off Boston. You gotta think Martin was influenced strictly by Ed Sheeran though. J. Cole got him in the door with Caron Butler and the Heat, but Ed Sheeran really inspired that game 7 showing. Maybe Jaylen Brown should try working out (see: dribbling) to some Sheeran. Or maybe Joe Mazzulla (fuck WVU Joe Mazzulla) should try listening to some Sheeran while working on calling timeouts. Hard to tell, because 1 team blasted a sad song and won the series. 

I will say, Sheeran has some jams. Big fan of Castle on the Hill. But if you're going sad songs, go some old school country. We know Jimmy loves country and it's sitting right there. If they go down early to the Nuggets, something to keep an eye on. If we get a report that Gary Allen is being blasted in the Heat locker room, there may be a series.