Earlier This Month, A Cop Was INCHES Away From Getting Impaled By A Car Going 120+ MPH (Everyone Was Fine)


The adult driver in the BMW 750 Series on the traffic stop was taken to the hospital with minor injuries not considered to be life-threatening and has since been released from the hospital. The officer sustained minor injuries. The juvenile driver of the BMW M3 and the two passengers sustained minor injuries. The juvenile was charged with reckless driving.

I know this video is from the beginning of the month. Don't care. I'm just now seeing it and it's pretty fucking absurd. This is like a scene straight out of one of the Final Destination movies. I was half expecting a lumber truck carrying massive logs to fall apart and decapitate the cop and everyone else involved in this horror show

Everyone involved in the accident walked away with minor injuries though, thank god. I don't know how, but goddamnit was luck on this cop's side. This little side shuffle scoot thing he did was a life saver. 

I also love how he immediately jumped over the guard rail. He was NOT fucking around with another potential car turning him into a pancake: 

Wonder what dinner was like for him and his family that night. "Oh hey honey, kids, check out this video where I was literally an inch away from being FLATTENED by a BMW that skid off the highway going 120+ MPH. Just another day at the office!!! How was school Johnny? Did soccer practice go well Megan? Oh and can one of you guys grab me a beer from the fridge? I am WIPED OUT!" 

Seriously though. Happy nobody was hurt. Life is a game of inches, as they say.