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An Enraged Husband Snatched The Crown Off A Beauty Pageant Winner’s Head And Smashed It After His Wife Came In 2nd Place. What Kind Of Dog House Was This Man In??

NY POST- Second best apparently just wasn’t good enough for this pageant gal’s No. 1 fan. 

With rage in his eyes and destruction in his heart, an unhinged husband stormed the stage of an “LGBTQIAP+ beauty pageant” in Brazil, hijacked the winner’s crown and furiously slammed it to the ground after his wife was awarded the second-place honors, local news outlet Globo reported.

Shocked audience members at the Miss Gay Mato Grosso 2023 pageant shrieked Saturday as the partner of first runner-up contestant Nathally Becker, who was representing the city of Cuiabá, violently interrupted the crowning ceremony of winner Emannuelly Belini — who was representing the municipality of Várzea Grande. 

Just as the twinkling tiara was about to be placed atop Belini’s head, Becker’s hot-headed hubby yanked it away and hurled it to the stage floor, per eye-popping footage of the fracas now going viral via Jam Press. 

Miss Cuiabá’s rhinestone-snatching spouse, who remains publicly unidentified, then picked up the crown and heaved it to the ground again, breaking the prize to pieces.  

I’m asking the questions the main stream media are either too dumb to ask, or too biased to ask.

And the big question staring us all in the face with this is how fuckin bad was this guy in the dog house with his wife that he went to these lengths to try and get back on her good side?

Are we talking worst silent treatment, passive aggressiveness freeze out/stonewalling of all time? Had to be right?

We’re talking something so egregious to have caused a freak out (see: overcompensation) like this. 

It’s so bad that Will Smith saw this, blushed, and shook his head. 

For this guy Mato to act like a deranged fairy godmother gone wrong, in hopes to impress or gain some points back with his wife Emanuelly, he must have done some wretched, vile shit. 

Pageant coordinator Malone Haenisch, who probably never expected to deal with this level of madness, swiftly condemned the husband's behavior. And can you blame him? Who wants their pageant to turn into a WWE cage match? Haenisch declared that the judges' decision was fair and took a stance against the outburst. The husband may have thought he was protecting his wife's honor, but all he did was embarrass himself and ensure he won't be getting any for a long long time. 

I don't care what letter of the alphabet you identify with, there is no reasoning with a woman scorned. Or with a woman who thinks they're scorned. You're fucked and the sooner you give in, and give up, the quicker you can begin your penance.

My next question is where the fuck was security at? That guy bounded up on stage, and pranced on over to the winner without anybody even noticing. If he wasn't so overdramatic and over the top with smashing the tiara to pieces, he could have made off with it like a thief in the night and nobody would have been the wiser. Major fuck up on security's part.

My last question is what the hell is happening with worldwide beauty pageants? When did they become such shit shows? They're like WWE events now. My beauty pageant contingent knows without me even having to say that I'm referencing the Miss Sri Lanka pageant that took place in NYC back in October. Pure mayhem. 

Clem blogged it.

NY Post - Things got ugly after New York City’s first-ever Miss Sri Lanka beauty pageant — when a caught-on-video brawl erupted between well-heeled revelers at the post-party with contestants on Staten Island.

Now-viral videos show a melee erupting during the Friday pageant’s after-party – with at least one tiara-wearing woman appearing to be caught in the fray.

It’s not clear what sparked the fight at The Vanderbilt in South Beach, where there is a large Sri Lankan population.

One of the pageant organizers, Sujani Fernando, told The Post none of the contestants were involved and all 14 were inside the building as the scuffle went down outside the venue.

The altercation follows a 2021 fight at a top pageant in Sri Lanka, during which the reigning Mrs. Sri Lanka ended up in cuffs after snatching the crown from the head of a rival she said should’ve been disqualified because she was divorced.

“This is the typical behavior of village Sri Lankans,” a social-media user wrote of Friday’s kerfuffle, according to the South China Morning Post. “Every event ends up in a brawl.

“From elders to children to women. They hit at each other with plastic chairs, umbrellas. It’s quite exciting to watch.”

Is nothing sacred anymore?

Barbarians have taken over the pageant scene from all corners of the world it appears. So sad.