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Paddy the Baddy vs. Defending Trivia Champs As The Dozen Tournament III Kicks Off! (Round One, Day One Preview)

The Dozen Season 3 Tournament kicks off this week with two great games. We have the Misfits taking on The Family in the play-in game. Reags faces his original squad for the first time since abandoning them during Season 2. Then we have a crazy first-round match-up as The Baddies take on the reigning champion, Uptown Balls. Our correspondent Scoops L'Aguirre has the breakdown…



(15) The Misfits
- 4-4-0 Record  
- 12.38 Points Per Game 
- 1.63 Steals Per Game 
- 88% Niche Success Rate 
-- Kelly Keegs: 7.04 PPG  
-- RDT: 4.71 PPG  
-- Dante: 2.95 PPG 

Misfits Category Advantages: Music, Celebrity Mashup, MLB 

(16) The Family
- 3-4-1 Record  
- 11.75 Points Per Game 
- 2.63 Steals Per Game  
- 78% Niche Success Rate  
-- Reags: 5.08 PPG 
-- John Rich: 3.96 PPG  
-- Big Ev: 3.73 PPG 

The Family Category Advantages: College Football, College Basketball, Snacks & Candy 

Another in-season rematch; Macrodosing took down the Booze Ponies in a thrilling OT game earlier in the season. Despite the victory and the superior W/L record, they are ranked lower than the fan-favorite Booze Ponies.


  • The Misfits are coming in on a 3-game winning streak with quality wins over The Yak and a blowout win over Uptown Balls. Averaging over 12 ppg, they are likely under-seeded.  

  • Kelly Keegs ended the season Top 10 in scoring and is the main reason why the Misfits were undefeated in both Music and Celebrity Mashups. The Misfits are dominant in Pop Culture categories.   

  • The Family’s three wins and OT loss came with Rico and Feits on the team. Reags, John Rich, and Big Ev have only played once as a team and have never won as a trio.   

  • Regardless, Reags is undefeated in College Basketball, is one of the strongest players in the NBA category, and with Ev backing him up in College Football, they are a strong Sports team.   

  • John Rich is the wild card, as he’s dominated Food related categories despite looking like he only consumes Marlboro Reds. 

Summarized: Expect a ton of steals as these two teams’ strengths are direct opposites, but the Misfits come in with a lot of momentum, whereas The Family feels like a mess. 



(8) The Baddies
- 5-2-0 Record  
- 13.14 Points Per Game 
- 3.14 Steals Per Game 
- 100% Niche Success Rate 
-- Blaise: 5.86 PPG  
-- Paddy: 5.14 PPG  
-- TJ: 4.79 PPG 

Baddies Category Advantages: Music, Chain Restaurants, NFL 

(9) Uptown Balls
- 4-4-1 Record  
- 12.78 Points Per Game 
- 2.11 Steals Per Game  
- 78% Niche Success Rate  
-- Glenny: 6.57 PPG 
-- Tommy: 5.63 PPG  
-- Smitty: 4.85 PPG 

Balls Category Advantages: Celebrity Mashup, MLB, Movies 


  • Last year, the Big Screamin’ Honkers were the reigning champs, and they ended their regular season on a losing streak similar to Uptown Balls and fell into the 8 vs. 9 matchup. They won in a blowout. Uptown Balls is hoping to do the same.   

  • The Baddies play like a veteran squad. Blaise and TJ are always cognizant of which categories haven’t come up in the game yet, they watch previous games to know what answers likely won’t be reused, and they manage their lifelines well. They’re the opposite of Uptown Balls.   

  • Glenny Balls and Paddy are the ones to watch. Glenny has not missed an Entourage question in the last two seasons, and Paddy has been perfect in his Niches. If either miss, it will devastate their team.  

  • The Baddies lead the league in Steals Per Game and got their wins over Smockin and The Yak as they stole their Doubled categories. Meanwhile, no team gets their Double stolen as much as Uptown Balls, dating back to Season 2.  

  • No matter what, Uptown Balls scores points. Uptown Balls has scored double digits in their last 15 games dating back to Season 2. If Uptown Balls gets hot, they can beat anyone, which is exactly how they won the tournament last year.   

Summarized: Uptown Balls is a Championship team that plays like inexperienced rookies and lets chaos envelop them, whereas The Baddies are a rookie squad that acts as though they’ve been playing for years; each squad puts up points, and it’s going to be a banger of a match. 

That's it! See you tonight, and then back again tomorrow with TWO MORE MATCHES!