Adam Silver Is Bringing In The Big Guns To Finish Off Miami - Here Come Tony Brothers and Scott Foster To Ref Game 7

The NBA heard all of the crying from the fans about how bad the ratings would be if the Heat and the Nuggets were in the NBA Finals. They are doing everything in their power to advance the Celtics here. We all saw them inexplicably put three seconds on the clock just so Boston could have as much time as possible to try and win the game. It is kind of sad that they needed all of this just to get to game 7 against the 8 seed in the East, but here we are. 

I never believed in the script and all that shit, but this isn't even trying to hide it. In games reffed by that duo the Heat are 0-10 while the Celtics are 7-2. This is something that should be looked at. Ref stats matter and they seem to not care at all. 

This just had to be the conversation. Boston fans will keep telling you how amazing this comeback is too. It's like you are all cheering so hard for beating a team you should be beating every single time. It's embarrassing they've pushed them this far. Coming back from down 3-0 sure is impressive, but at least comment how the NBA is is carrying you on their back. I can't wait to see some ghost foul calls tonight and why is everyone freaking out about this tweet. 

Of course right now they are going to Denver, why the fuck wouldn't they? That's where the next game would be and they have to get acquainted to the altitude. Also it's very easy to just redirect the plane if they lose. It is really sad whats happening but it's just the world we are living in.