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Rampage Just Pulled Off One Of The Sickest Bluffs Of All Time, In A Million Dollar Cash Game


What an absolute maniac.



Rampage is the fucking man. Guy was playing 1/3 at the dog track in New Hampshire like, 2-3 years ago, started vlogging, moved to Vegas, began taking insane shots (way) outside of his bankroll, ran it up, and now is playing in a million dollar buy-in…YES, MILLION DOLLAR buy-in cash game. It is insane. Yes, he sold action. Everyone besides maybe the Door Dash founder billionaire sold action. But even with that, to have the balls to make that sort of bluff is crazy. He's 24 years old (maybe 25, young as fuck regardless) and showing fearlessness we rarely see anymore. While everyone these days is a nit or playing GTO, Rampage is out for blood, to bring it to the streets, and show he belongs. 

Now, the cynics will say "it wasn't a good bluff, it was a bad fold". Fucking miss me with that. That's the point of the bluff, to get your opponent to make a bad fold. Did he think he was getting Queens to fold? Unlikely, but Handz had to be thinking "there's no way he would do this sort of move with this much money without the nuts". It's a pretty fair assessment of the situation, to be honest.