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Of Course The Refs Botched The Game Clock In The Final Seconds Of Last Night’s Game 6

Boston people are very upset with my tweet when all I am doing is trying to have a healthy debate like Rico. I understand that the scorebug clock doesn't always represent the actual game time, but it is close. There are 2.9 seconds in this clip right here. Jimmy hasn't even jumped up and got hit on the arm yet. When he goes up the time should be around 2.6 or 2.8 seconds which is huge considering what happened on the next play. 

Also to all the morons in the replies telling me he double dribbled before the foul, you just don't know ball. 

If I have to explain to you how this is not a double dribble you are just not someone who knows ball and I can't waste my time with you. Celtics fans need to relax. You should be thrilled that Adam Silver is potentially rigging the series to extend the series and get your team into the Finals versus Denver. Be grateful that you have all the help on your side. They had to pull out every stop because there is just no way that there was 3 seconds left on that clock. 

The Heat have no chance of winning Game 7 so congratulations on your ratings Adama Silver you saved it with the Celtics getting to the Finals. They won't help you as much as they did for the Heat series but will be interesting.