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I Refuse To Believe This Video Of Heat Fans Getting Their Hearts Ripped Out Is True, Because Nobody Can Be This Dumb

Nope, I'm not falling for it. I refuse to believe people who go to the lengths of watching a game on the phone during a wedding will fall for this. Everyone who watched 1 JV basketball game knows you don't start celebrating until you see FINAL and the refs off the court. Not going to give yourself the chance for this sort of heartbreak thinking you won only to know watch the last tenths of a second. No shot this happened without some sort of dramatics. 

These videos pop up all the time and I'm not sure why you would stop watching. It makes no sense! It makes as much sense as agreeing to put 3 seconds on the clock after the review, but that's a different blog. I just refuse to believe people who watch basketball will start celebrating early. It's rule number 1 as a fan. Don't you dare think about celebrating before a game is officially over. There's too much weird shit that happens at the buzzer - especially when you're talking about the goddamn Celtics and all of Boston who somehow continue to keep this thing rolling. 

It's not even like the basket was ruled after the buzzer! There was no delay. It was immediately ruled good and Celtics won. It's infuriating because Bam/Strus got stuck going the wrong way. It's infuriating because Heat fans actually sounded loud as hell last night and then you have this pop up. It's infuriating because YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE END OF FUCKING GAMES. Legit an insane/fake move to start celebrating before that buzzer sounds. You for sure don't break out a flag and smoke guns.