The Reaction Videos To The Derrick White Game Winner Are Simply Incredible

Eric Espada. Getty Images.

Part of what makes the internet great is how we as a society are able to tap into and see immediate reactions to some crazy shit. Both ends of the spectrum, from the thrill of victory to the agony defeat all being caught on video in real time is what makes this such a unique time to exist. There’s something about seeing tons of random strangers go through the exact same emotions as you whether it’s good or bad.

With the Celts unreal win last night, part of what made it so awesome were all the reaction videos. I can’t get enough of these 


I can only imagine the mindfuck you go through once you realize as a Heat fan that you in fact lost that game. That’s some crushing shit. I’ve experienced similar pain, who remembers the OG 3PM with 0.3 seconds left? That still haunts Celtics fans eveywhere.

Considering we were on the opposite end this time around, I somewhat understand. Here we are all these hours later and I still have no idea how that happened. I don’t think anyone truly does. 

All I remember from those final moments is blacking out while my soul left my body. 

If I had to guess, we’re in line for even more wild reactions on Monday night. With NBA history and a spot in the Finals on the line, we are going to see people combust with excitement on one end and on the other we’ll see more souls crushed in real time. It’s what makes sports so much fun and yet so painful all at the same time.

I can’t wait/am absolutely terrified.