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Everyone At D’Jais West Bar Should Be DISGUSTED And Ashamed Of Themselves

It’s 6pm on Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend and I am folding clothes and organizing my garage . I am a washed up 35 year old bum. Retired from the game. Retired from the chase. I cannot hang with kids any more. Just a fact. 

Jackie Tables and the crew of 22-27 year olds bounce back like a rubber ball off pavement after a night out. I take a few days maybe a full week to recover. But back in my day I was a West Bar Soldier with the best of them. 



For those not in the loop. D’Jais is the best summer bar down the shore and has separate bars that people identify with like a Ginzo version of West Side Story. There’s Window Bar, Back Bar, Main Bar, West Bar and East Bar. Everyone has their spot and you don’t move from that bar for all the years you go there if you have any self respect. I’m rare occasions you can get accepted into new spots- shoutout Bofill who migrated from Back Bar to West Bar. 

It’s part of your identity . Donnie Damage was a west bar solider, Nicky Whistles, Primo, Paul Dontnudgemebro etc . Years and years of taking care of bartenders, years of chants etc. Kenny Hammer, Coop the Barback, Ashley, Justin, Jen Strong, Slim Cooper, and Nico. We knew all the staff like our baseball teams starting lineup. 

When I saw this tweet today I was disgusted . DISGUSTED. Not only is East Bar getting the loudest chants in the place, upon further review it was kids at WEST bar chanting it!  What world do we live in? Now you must be asking Rico do you hate East Bar? Absolutely not. I respect the people at East Bar. Shoutout Morgan the bartender and Misty and Erika back in the day. It’s an older crew who paid their dues. Respect them. 

But this is pride. West Bar chants should run supreme like they have since the walls have been green. These young kids have no respect for tradition, pride and class. Absolutely insane that East bar got the loudest roar and the place I was once so happy to call my spot had kids in there essentially rooting for the other team. So sad. 

Update : I guess word travels fast because The West Bar soldiers are trying to save face as quickly as possible. Shoutout Connor The Crooked Zebra. It may be too little too late, but I can tell you this- a piece of West Bar died tonight. Pour out a grail in its honor. We had a good run, the millenniums may have ruined it. 

Ps- the responses from the old timers are coming in and people are upset 


On the bright side … me and Bald Paul may be the duo to save this place 

When West was West …