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The Entire Story Of Luton Town - Including Its Weird Stadium - Is Why There's Nothing In The World Like Promotion/Relegation

So today was arguably the most important club soccer match of the year. Not in terms of prestige or anything like that but in terms of money at play. It's called the Richest Game in the World for a reason. Promotion nets you anywhere from roughly $200-300 million dollars. Welcome to a playoff spot. 

Now comes Luton Town. Look at this story: 

You know who is currently in the fourth tier of English football? Wrexham. Everyone talks about how far away they are from the Premier League and all that, that's where Luton Town was. They are going to the Premier League thanks to a penalty shootout win over Coventry. 

Oh and their stadium? Iconic for potentially all the wrong reasons: 

Imagine an NFL game taking place where you walk through a housing complex? You can't. That's why there's nothing like promotion/relegation. Luton Town was as low as low can get. Now here they are getting ready for the Premier League. We're going to see the richest and biggest name clubs go to Kenilworth Road. Luton Town has never been in the iteration of the Premier League we know - started in 1992. Yet it doesn't matter because in 2023-24 they will be. 


I still can't imagine sweating out a promotion/relegation scenario. Wondering if you get to be in the big leagues. Wondering if you are getting demoted. We don't have anything like that. Sure, selection shows are great. Sure, playoffs are great. But this is an entire different scenario that we can't relate to in American sports. I'd love one season of promotion/relegation just to see it. 

Oh and the keeper for Luton Town? An American. USA, baby. Rock, flag and eagle. 

Shout out Luton Town, a ridiculous story no matter how you look at it. 

PS: I feel for the dude who missed that PK. There's no worse feeling than missing a PK in general, now throw in the fact it kept you out of the Premier League. That's brutal.