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Ridiculous: Bayern Wins Its 11th Straight Bundesliga Thanks To A Goal In The 88th Minute And A Massive Choke By Dortmund

Brutal man. Absolutely brutal for Dortmund. All they had to do was win at home over Mainz OR not have Bayern win against Koln. It would have ended a 10-year streak of titles for Bayern. Yet here we are. Don't get me wrong, Bayern won and we'll get to that. But that's a massive choke by Dortmund. They missed a PK: 

They fell behind 2-0 early before our guy Gio came on and made an immediate impact: 

But it didn't matter because of that goal in the 88th minute. Dortmund had one last shot even too! They tied it up 2-2 and the ref gave them an extra two minutes or so. What we saw though was the beauty and pain all wrapped into one of the final day in a soccer league with no playoffs. Matches start at the same time, end at the same time. You could hear Dortmund fans losing their shit when Koln tied it up. They felt safe for a second. Hell, even Mainz fans were hugging Dortmund fans: 

And then the hush when Bayern scored in the 88th minute. They all looked so sad, especially this couple: 

While I very much love playoffs, you can't beat this sort of feeling. The sound of a crowd losing their mind to being so damn sad because they all get the text or check their phones at the same time. Down to the very last couple of minutes to determine a winner. 11 straight for Bayern. Absurd.