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Everyone Should Be A Fernando Tatis Jr. Fan After He Responded To Yankees Fans Chanting "STEROIDS" At Him By Hitting A Bomb, Flipping A Bat To Mars, Then Talking Trash To The Bleachers

Fernando Tatis Jr. is going to get a lot of this every where he goes. We saw him break out some dance moves in Chicago when the Cubs fans chanted "STEROIDS" at him over and over. It didn't matter to him though, he just kept it moving. 

Last night in New York was no different with the crowd getting all over him. However unfortunately for Yankees fans, that kind of stuff just seems motivate him because all he did was hit a home run that landed 439 feet away. Absolutely pissed on that ball as it landed on the moon followed by the bat being flipped to Mars.

Not only did Fernando quiet the Bronx faithful but he wanted to know where their voices went after he took all their trash talk and unloaded on that poor baseball.

But the jawing didn't stop there…

The man truly is a king. Hit a bomb, flip a bat, talk shit to the fans in right field, and let em know who's boss. They let him hear it all game and he threw it right back at them. How can you not love that? You also have to love Yankees fans pointing the finger at Tatis Jr. for steroids when legit 53% of guys to ever wear pinstripes were roided out of their minds. 

Anyways, the guy screaming in this video legit sounds like he may cry. He is that upset that Tatis Jr. took PEDs, what a world. But yeah, back to the main point. Tatis Jr. went into Yankee Stadium and put on a show for all those booing him. You gotta think the fans that show up Saturday and Sunday will think twice before giving Fernando shit.