Shaq Is DEVASTATED He Can't DJ The Indy 500 Snakepit And Drop Filthy Dubstep Because He Has To Be In Miami For Game 6 Of Celtics-Heat

This is a shitty situation for all parties in involved. The Celtics especially. Watching them play on Thursday night it was sad how outmatched Miami is, and it's embarrassing that they trail them 3-2 in this series. It shouldn't even have gone this long. They shouldn't even have put Shaq in this position. But thus, Spoelstra is a future hall of famer, Jimmy Butler is a future hall of famer, and that's what they do: over-achieve like mother fuckers.

And I know what most of you are thinking, since this is Barstool SPORTS and all.

"Who the fuck cares about DJing in Indianapolis? It's game 6 of the eastern conference finals. Night and day."

Shaq cares. Thats who.

And the thousands of fans who buy infield tickets to this race every year to rock out with the DJs they have playing in it. Look at this lineup for this year. It's no joke.

And before for the haters start to chirp Shaq about taking a private jet to Indy from Miami since the game is tonight and the race is tomorrow, save it.

Before the engines roar to life, “The Indy 500 Snake Pit,” a pre-event concert by DJ Diesel (a.k.a. Shaquille O’Neal) gets underway Sunday morning.

He was supposed to open up and play pre-race. That's early as fuck. And Shaq and TNT's post-game goes pretty late. With this tip not starting until 8:30pm eastern (ridiculous) that's a long night for Neon Boudeaux.

That didn't stop these tough guys for getting really mad at Shaq over the internet online on a keyboard on his twitter though


I think people forget just how much Shaq genuinely loves DJing. 

It's not a joke. It never was really but watch these videos of him and tell me he's not having the best time of his life playing music for other people.


Also- don't believe the hype. He's not doing charity work. He gets paid handsomely to DJ. Trust me, I've been trying to book him for 3 years now and his price seems to go up by 30k+ a year.


And he just legit loves the energy, the music, and the people who go to these festivals. Here's the festival (Tomorrowland) he was speaking of in that interview that gave him the itch to start playing)

Still can’t imagine being in a mosh pit at an electronic festival like that. But imagine being in one, turning over your shoulder and seeing the great Aristotle there in a wifebeater raging out. Talk about a fever dream.

Hopefully Indy does the right thing and invites Shaq back for next year so everybody wins. 

p.s. - lol not laugh when I think of this moment

p.p.s. - all the guy needs to be able to hit ft's is over-aggressive, skull jarring dubstep. Who knew?


P.p.s.- John Summit is literally everywhere. On every big bill, everywhere. If you never saw his interview with us on Backstage check it out -