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I've Never Understood The Appeal Of Concerts

As an adult, I've never been to a concert. There are a million other things I haven't done (insert your jokes here), but I've never had any desire to go. Quite frankly, I've never understood the appeal of most "shared experiences." Sporting events I get. There is an appeal to being at a sporting event and experiencing it live, but that's also a competition. Watching people compete in the field of battle has been around since ancient Greece, but concerts just aren't my vibe. And this isn't me pissing in a person's cornflakes and saying you're stupid for liking concerts. I acknowledge I'm the weirdo who is in the tiny minority. I just...don't get it.

I just find it amazing what we're able to endure as human beings just for the sake of entertainment. Many people agree with me when I tell people that concerts seem to be a harsh environment predicated on loud noises and sensory overload to the point of extreme anxiety. They just don't care. And hey, I get it. Most people think watching 10 hours of baseball a night doesn't seem fun, but it sure is to me.

I genuinely feel bad for not getting the appeal. I feel like I'm missing something, but the moment I realized concerts just aren't my thing was the first time I saw The Goo Goo Dolls before "Iris" in Buffalo back in 2004.

Keep in mind this is my favorite song of all-time. I literally have the lyrics tattooed on my arm. Don't get me wrong, that's an incredible performance considering the circumstances. With that said, I would rather have that tattoo taken off my skin with a blow torch than sit in the pissing rain and listen to a weaker version of a song I could get on my phone for free whenever I want to. So maybe I'll get it one day. Perhaps that'll be my next "For the first time" video. I worry it would end with me covering my ears and crying, but it'll make for good content. I have to branch out at some point, don't I?