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The New York Mets Are Officially Worried About Frank The Tank

This is my favorite tweet of Frank ever. I didn't see the Mets score so I thought man what a bad loss for the Mets because Frank is always right. Turns out the Mets were winning the entire game and won 5-2. 

This man is a menace and I could not stop laughing at this tweet. I picture the Mets winning tonight and the social media manager showing the players like "Look at this new banger from Frank the Tank". 

The best part of this tweet is that he answered the Mets after. 

If the Yankees ever tweeted at me, I would be losing my shit in happiness. Meanwhile Frank is tweeting back at the Mets like he is talking to Buck Showalter. The Mets let up 1 run in the 9th inning and the man was about to have a breakdown. He is a true fan that always expects the worse and just expects a win. Frank knows the Mets better than the Mets do so whatever Frank says goes.