After Learning How To Sail, It's Quite Clear That I Should Defend Our Country By Joining The Navy SEALs


One thing Chief loves is making fun of my height. Kinda funny as that's the ONE thing an athlete can't control. If you're counting at home, I've now ran him over at Northwestern, prove than I can run faster than him both short distance/long distance, throw harder/farther/more accurately than him, kick farther/more accurately than him, better 10 cone drill/2 suitcase carrier, skate faster than him on ice, clap slappers faster/more accurately than him and now, I'm a better sailor than him.

And after this challenge I think I'm ready for BUD/S and Hell Week: 

To the naysayers: Don't forget I conquered the Chicago marathon in 5 hours and 25 mins. Basically set a world record. Maybe one day Chief will step up and beat me in *something*, but...prolly not.