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Scottie Pippen Can't Stop Himself From Talking Shit About Michael Jordan, This Time Calling Him A "Horrible Player"


One of the weirder parts of growing older is seeing how all the legends of your youth also age. They seem like superheroes when you're a kid, but then as we all get older and they retire, sometimes their post-playing career changes how we view them.

I can't think of anything that describes that more than Scottie Pippen. What do we think of when it comes to Scottie Pippen? How many of you think of one of the greatest two way forwards ever? He's basically only in the news when we learn that his ex-wife is banging someone or when he decides to throw shade at Michael Jordan. Wouldn't you know it, he was back at it again!


it's very apparent that Pippen has a beef with Jordan. Maybe it's because of how history talks about both guys, maybe it's this

Watching that video, it's all just so sad for Pippen. If you want to think LeBron is going to be the greatest player ever, just stand on that. To try and frame things that Jordan was a "horrible player" is pretty sad. You know he's suggesting that he was awful until Scottie showed up, which is certainly not the first time we've heard him try and frame things that way. 

As a reminder, this is the "horrible player"

Now it is true that Jordan did not win a playoff series until 1987-88, losing his first three appearances. He also did this


I don't know much, but I'm pretty sure "horrible players" are not dropping 63 points in a playoff game. 

This entire ordeal stinks of a guy who is just caught up in his feelings about his ex-wife's romantic decisions, and that's too bad because Scottie Pippen was damn good himself! He's a HOF player and a Top 75 Team member. Stop being so insecure! The Bulls dynasty does not happen without you, even if Jordan was the guy. For whatever reason though, Pippen can't get over it. This isn't even Last Dance related either, which Pippen also cried about. 

I can only imagine how diehard Bulls fans feel every time this shit pops up. Does it take away from that era at all? I don't think it would for me personally, but it is sad to see. Especially when you know deep down what the reason is for Scottie to just be a non-stop hater of MJ. That's tough.