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The Block Party Is Over As Michael Block Finishes Dead Last In The Charles Schwab Challenge

Yesterday I wrote a blog where Michael Block was asked if he was better than Rory. He answered that he would be one of the best golfers in the world if he had the length that Rory did. It turned some people off like myself because you just came in 15th, just say you are happy to be there and you aren't this world class golfer. He had an opportunity this week to shut people up and just compete, but he came in actual dead last in the tournament. He was +11 on the first day and today +4 to put him at +15 for the tournament. 

I think people should have confidence in themselves, but when you say something that holds a lot of weight with people you want to try and back it up. I think some of it got to his head, but he is playing both sides of the fence here.That puts me in a blender. 

He says he can be the best in the world. He claims his irons, short game and putting are world class, but here I am watching him shoot in the 80s. Then when asked how bad he is playing he starts to cry and says he will be alright he gets to go home to his boys and his wife. That's fine and all if he just said I am a dog shit golfer who is playing well right now and let's see what I can do. 

It almost feels like a LIV tour guy winning a major forced the PGA to shove the positivity of this story down our throats. They posted him 12 times on their Instagram while Brooks Koepka, who won the whole thing, was posted twice. I think it was a nice story, but now we go back to being like oh well yeah he is a club pro for a reason. I am not hating but I also am hating because this dude needs to be a little self aware. There are a lot of good golfers out there, you don't need to say you are world class. You can have that confidence inside, but play dumb to the public. I always say keep everyone's expectations low, that way when you succeed you impress and amaze everyone.