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The Internet Is Up In Arms Over This Texas Family Charging Their 19 Year Old Daughter $200/Month Rent To Live At Home


A Texas couple who started charging their daughter rent after she decided she wouldn't go to college have raised a debate about modern parenting.

Erika and Cody Archie from Gatesville have nearly a million followers on TikTok where they post videos of their life on a ranch. 

Their decision to charge their 19-year-old daughter Kylee Deason $200-a-month in rent divided their social media followers and elicited a spectrum of opinions.

Go read some of the comments. To me, they're insane 

I'm sure there are plenty of people that have read this article and are completely appalled by the parents charging their daughter rent. Not because they should be, but because that's the whiny, pissy world we live in today. Everything has to be a freebee, be it something mundane like healthcare or something of dire importance like living under your parents roof for a little bit before hitting the workforce.

That's why I thank god for being raised like I was. Sure, some people consider me a farm animal. That's fair, as I was basically raised like one, but my parents didn't miss on EVERYTHING. Most things, sure. But not everything. For instance, I lived at home with my dad from June 2011 to August of 2012 before hightailing it to the city. In that time, my father charged me $400/ month to live at home. I'd take $200 out of my bi-monthly paychecks and fork it right over to him.

That's the equivalent to a grand total of $537 in 2023:

So this Texan asshole is getting off easy! Sure, at the time I was a whiny little bitch like most freeloading 22-23 year olds are and fought that fatherly rent charge tooth and nail. I'll admit that. But ya know what it did? It made forced me to get off my ass and get an apartment with a buddy as fast as I could.* In hindsight, I'm glad my redneck father charged me that rent. It made me the MAN I am today.

*My dad 100% charged me rent as a way to get me the fuck out of the house because he was sick and tired of my bullshit. That goes with out say. It wasn't because he wanted me to learn how to manage money, and he couldn't just abandon me, that'd be unbecoming behavior of a father. Even his dumbass knew that. No cutting me loose like Frank and Estelle did to George. Just charge me rent to live in his shitbox home, and *boom* he was now living the dream life of an empty nester. 

I look forward to the day I can charge my loser son rent too.