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Man Who Owned 40 Crocodiles Gets Eaten By Crocodiles

NY Post - Forty crocodiles killed a Cambodian farmer today while he was attempting to wrangle one of his reptiles.

The “crocodiles pounced, attacking him until he was dead,” Mey Savry — police chief of Siem Reap commune, where the man’s farm was located — told Viral Press of the freak accident.

The 72-year-old victim, named Luan Nam, had reportedly entered the enclosure so he could remove one of the crocs from a cage where it had laid eggs.

Things took a disastrous turn after the beast “attacked the stick” he was using to corral it, “causing him to fall into the enclosure,” according to Savry.

All of a sudden, the reptile shepherd was beset by dozens of the animals, which ripped his body to shreds, leaving the paddock awash in blood.

I once asked Won Ton Don if I had to go off the grid and start a new life, where would be the best place to do it. His answer was Cambodia. Apparently you can get a room with a fan for $10 per day and they sell opiates over the counter. He also said that as an American, if you hang around town for a few days somebody will give you a job. That all sounds great to me. As long as the job isn't on a crocodile farm.

I can understand having a crocodile as a pet. I would never do it, but some people have an affinity for exotic animals. I can see getting a second crocodile as well. You don't want your pet crocodile to be lonely. It would be nice to give it a friend. Then maybe your two crocodiles fall in love and have crocodile babies, and you end up with a crocodile family. But that's where you have to draw the line. I'll give you 1 crocodile family. Anything more than that is too many crocodiles.


Obviously this man is was somehow profiting off of his 40 crocodiles, but how much money can there realistically be in the crocodile business? You can sell crocodile skin, crocodile meat, or just straight up sell your crocodiles to other crocodile people. Maybe crocodile farming is a lucrative business, but nothing about the video of this man being dragged away after being attacked screams wealth to me.

Crocodile owners always seem to do a terrible job managing their crocodiles. I don't know what the "proper equipment" is that they need to wrangle them, I just know they never have it. It's always some skinny man with no shoes on lowering himself into a crocodile pit (they always keep them in pits), and he just starts poking a crocodile with a stick. He'll have some insane mission like, "I'm trying to collect of jar of crocodile spit, so I can trade it to a charlatan for a bag of rocks" or something that unequivocally is not worth it. Whatever it was this man was trying to accomplish, I'm certain that the juice wasn't worth the squeeze.


Nam, who was also president of the local crocodile farmers’ association, had reportedly been urged for years to quit the business, CBS reported. 

When even the local crocodile farmers' association wants you to get rid of your crocodiles, that's probably a sign you should retire the business. Who knew there was a crocodile farmers' association, let alone a "local" one. Does every town in Cambodia have their own CFA? I think I'd like to attend a meeting. Bet there's a lot of missing limbs in that room.