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I Caught Up With The Girl From The Titans' Schedule Release Video To See How Her Life Has Changed After Going Viral And Gave Her A Second Chance At Guessing Some NFL Logos

Meet Cheyanne. One minute she is getting her first taste of flying with the poors on Southwest Airlines to Nashville - complete with them somehow losing her bags on a direct freaking flight - the next she is buzzed up on mimosas and wearing her friend's clothes during a mega-viral video with 80+ Million views. But that's how fast things can happen in the wild wild west world of the internet.

I caught up with Cheyanne to see how life has changed for her since the video's release and she seems like she's having fun with it at least. Cheyanne is a global real estate agent who now also has a merch store is doing more interviews than a politician trying to do damage control after being caught with hookers and drugs in a hotel room.

The craziest part of this entire ride for Cheyanne is the fact that she had zero clue what the video was for. She assumed it was just for some random TikTok and then bam, she's ultra famous. So famous in fact, that even her grocery delivery driver is recognizing her and the Atlanta Falcons cheerleaders want to buy her merch.

I truly believe everyone deserves a second chance so I gave Cheyanne another shot at the NFL logos she got wrong and few new ones just to spice things up. You can check out the full length interview below on Youtube.