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An NBA Ref Is Accused Of Having A Burner Twitter Account (Duh), So He Can Defend Himself Against Crying Lakers Fans


[Source] - When one account replied to an “@OfficialNBARefs” post about the referees for a Celtics-76ers game May 11 with, “Are y’alll gonna give Eric Lewis the Lakers game tomorrow,” Lewis’ alleged burner account responded with, “Its his fault no matter what” — using three laughing emojis at the end of his response to the question.

Another account claimed that LeBron James was 0-82 when Lewis refereed his games, and the alleged burner account responded beneath an interpretation of the stat, writing, “Um memphis game 1,” with a emoji that depicted someone shrugging their shoulders.

This is officially the first burner account situation where there is no winner. You want to call out LeBron and Lakers fans, you gotta side with a ref. You want to call out a ref you gotta side with LeBron and the Lakers. A true loser situation for everyone involved. I have a long-standing one-way rivalry with refs, especially in the basketball world. They don't deserve respect even if they command it and this is just further proof of that.

A burner account to defend yourself against crying Lakers fans is so lame - if true, obviously. Gotta say that since we can't just go believing things all willy nilly these days. The account has apparently been around since 2015, so I'm leaning towards it being true. There's not a ref fan out there. It's gotta be Eric Lewis or potentially one of his family members. It's not like people are looking around to follow George Washington women's basketball just because Lewis's wife coaches there. If it's not Lewis or a family member, I need to talk to this person. They are perhaps the craziest motherfucker out there, creating a burner account for a ref. 

Here's why it matters though. In terms of professional sports, it feels like the most 'they are out to get my team' refs fall in line with the NBA - mostly due to that whole Tim Donaghy situation. If you have a ref like Eric Lewis out here being accused of having a burner account, calling out crybabies, it's only going to feed into that theory even more. At least be more creative about it and figure out a better list of people to follow. I don't care if that's Eric Lewis or not. You should not be following that many refs accounts. 

Just another day in the NBA that we need to get rid of. The dumbass 'THIS LEAGUE' overplayed stuff.