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Best Of 2023 - Guy Hangs Out With His Childhood Best Friend...Promptly Logs Onto Twitter To Tell Everyone How Much Better And Richer He Is Than His Stupid, Pathetic, Broke Friend


If you are on Twitter, you probably see "VERY IMPORTANT THREADS" like the one above all the time. These phony, fake, wannabe life coaches who preach day after day are some of the cringiest people out there. The whole "grind for your life" mentality where they tell you how your only purpose in life should be to work, it's all just awful. I could blog one of these sanctimonious assholes every single day but they grind my gears so much I don't want to give any of them the light of day. But this fella Richard Yu, well this guy caught my eye. Because he decided to hang out with his childhood best friend, have a lovely lunch with him, maybe at the Olive Garden with unlimited salad and breadsticks. They laughed about playing N64 until the sun went down, jumping on the trampoline in the summers, maybe even the first time they smoked weed out of an apple. And after the lunch Richard Yu logged onto Twitter to tell everyone how poor and pathetic his best friend is.



Bros for life!!!! Yeah right, dude. Either his "best friend" doesn't exist (highly likely) or there's a very real reason it took Richard's "best friend" two years to hang out with him. But let's operate this blog under the impression this really happened, because Richard quite literally is boasting about it…what sort of person would do this? I can't…I just can't imagine being so incredibly self-centered and egotistical and obtuse to the world that I would leave from hanging out with my best friend and then immediately want everyone to know what a poor idiot loser he is. And then he has the gall to tweet "I'm NOT looking down on him one bit"…"he's just so broke and so much worse off than I am and really stupid and honestly I hope he dies in a fire….bros for life!!!".

At the end of the day, fellas like Richard probably make stories like these up to try and get clout so they cam scam people into their get-rich schemes. I just don't get how anyone could possibly read that story and be like "damn, I wanna be more like Dick here!". And his entire timeline is more and more bullshit after bullshit. I had to stop scrolling because my blood was reaching boiling levels that are unsuitable for human life.

I truly hope this story is real. I hope he really did go to lunch with his pal. And I hope his pal left the lunch thinking "god damn I cannot believe I was ever friends with that fucking loser" before going home to his smokeshow wife and banging her, never even seeing that Twitter thread because he's not a dipshit whose life revolves around clout chasing on the internet. That's how I'd like to imagine it ended.