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Airbnb Might Have The Smartest Marketing Team In The World After Their Performance Helping Out a Stranded Alix Earle In Italy

Mike Coppola. Getty Images.

I know not a sports blog, but Alix Earle is a marvel. She was essentially crafted by the all holy social media algorithm to infiltrate your screens and burrow into your mind. She's the young generation's "it girl" who documented her college life through social media, showing how relatable her lifestyle can be to the average undergraduate. Whether it was her messy dorm room, dealing with cockroaches, or something like her makeup routines, girls relate to and obsess over her. They practically worship her. She's also incredibly attractive so that helps too. 

While there is certainly a lot of genuineness to her videos, you'll also find pictures of her out in Miami living it up like this.

305pics. Getty Images.

or LA

or hanging out with someone like Hailey Bieber…

Jerritt Clark. Getty Images.

There was also that billion dollar influencer trip to Dubai. Perfectly normal things for a college girl to do, find a new slant. 

Yeah turns out she's rich as fuck while also attempting to be this relatable icon to the female college student. There's nothing wrong with that at all, but it does make me laugh seeing the other side. Still, good for her building this empire and dominating the free world. 

Anyways, post-graduation Alix and the girls took a casual trip over to Italy for some celebrating. Turns out the place they booked didn't exist and was a scam. They were….GASP….stranded in Italy. The horror. 

Before Biden could scramble the F-18s, Airbnb saw this shit show brewing from the hands of Booking.com and jumped in to be the heroes themselves. 

Now THAT is brilliance. While it sounds dumb, the power the TikTokers have is terrifying and dangerous. One fancy villa to Alix Earle and her mercenaries probably results in an entire year of revenue galore for the company. 

And yes I imagine Airbnb has plenty of problems like this all the time. I'm sure there's tons of people seeing this and saying she only got this great gift because of her clout. Of course she fucking did!  That's the whole point folks. Airbnb's marketing team hit a go-ahead grand slam here and bat flipped into the stands. You get in the good graces of her 5 million followers and you win the war. It's fucked, but that's how you get in favor of the public these days. Whoever thought of this idea should become the new CEO. Listen to all of their ideas moving forward. They get it. 

Also must be sweet to be one of her friends who just gets to reap the rewards of a goddess simply by being her pal. 

P.S. It is funny that she really did burst onto the scene all because her then-boyfriend Tyler Wade refused to post her on his social media. Yes, the same Tyler Wade who was a utility infielder for the Yankees and now plays for the Oakland A's AAA affiliate. How the turns table.