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MoneyBagg Yo's Girlfriend Ari Fletcher Is On Record That She's Making An Only Fans If His New Mixtape Goes No. 1

XXL- MoneyBagg Yo's girlfriend Ari Fletcher is teasing starting an OnlyFans account if MoneyBagg's new mixtape reaches the top of the charts.MoneyBagg Yo's new mixtape, Hard to Love, is slated to drop on Friday (May 26). On Tuesday night (May 23), Ari Fletcher attempted to add some incentive for fans to cop the new project."When Bagg drop his mixtape and go #1 I’m making my OnlyFans," Ari Fletcher tweeted. "I already got my first video ready… somebody tell him to hurry up!"

You've heard of win/win situations, right? Like when Taco Bell & Doritos teamed up in order to give us some of the most erotic tacos our society has ever seen in the form of Doritos Locos Tacos or when Scorsese & DeNiro team up to make Goodfellas. All are amazing situations for all parties involved and here we have another prime example of this with MoneyBagg Yo's girlfriend, Ari Fletcher, the popular website known as Only Fans, AND his brand new mixtape.

Ari hopped on the internet recently to say that if her boyfriend's mixtape, Hard to Love, hits #1 tomorrow when it drops on May 26th (Happy Memorial Day Weekend everybody) that will be starting her own Only Fans...and not only will be starting her own Only Fans it ALSO appears she has her first recorded video in the can and ready to be posted. This could not be more of a victory for all parties involved! MoneyBagg Yo gets the horny army behind him to listen to his new mixtape, his queen Ari gets subscribers on her only fans to make a bunch more money, and then the only fans fans get to see her first video. Win. Win. Win. Win. Win. Here's to hoping this becomes a trend!

And while we're on the topic of Only Fans...Subscribe to the Only Stans Only Fans account! It's free of charge!