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$EBR Play Of The Month Released On Game Notes Daily

Will this be our last episode of the Conference Finals? It could be so we made sure to make it a monster show. Barstool Chief and Chiclets Vegas Insider Migs stopped in to talk shop and get us ready for the big game tonight!

Today's show was special because we preview and give our picks for tonight's game that we will be live streaming with the whole Chiclets Crew and special guests!!

Hope you enjoy it!!

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Army - Stephenson anytime goal +275

Grinnell - Vegas Moneyline +100, Eichel Anytime Goal +170

Chief - Vegas Moneyline +100, Vegas -1.5 +235

Migs - Over 3 Goals Sweden -132, Over Vegas Goals 2.5 -115, Vegas -1,5 +235

Murls - $EBR Play Of The Month - Wyatt Johnston Over 2.5 Shots +110, Canada Moneyline +110

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Chat Pick - Roy - Over .5 Goal 1st 5 Minutes +200

Always Check The Game Notes and Everybody Rides!!!

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