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Aaron Rodgers Proves He Is A Real Swiftie After Listing Off His Favorite Taylor Swift Songs During Jets Practice

First of all - every player who pretended to be annoyed by this, or pretended not to know who Taylor was, is a fucking loser. I get not knowing her deep cuts but to roll your eyes? Fuck off lol.

As for Aaron Rodgers, I'm on record, not his biggest fan. I think he's a little full of himself if we're being honest but after this IN DEPTH analysis of Taylor's music? Folklore being his favorite album? OK Aaron. Maybe I need to reevaluate. 

People do forget that Aaron dated Shaeliene Woodley, who is besties with Miles Teller's wife Keleigh. Both of which are noted Swifties. Miles was in one of her music videos! So realistically I guess I'm not surprised that Aaron has come around on her. 

Whatever! Cool! The more the merrier!