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'We Don't Give A Shit' - Erik Spoelstra, With The Only Correct Response To Everyone Picking The Celtics To Win Another Game

Yeah, this is the only correct answer. This has been debated for a solid 48 hours now. Oh no the Heat lost game 4, the Celtics have life. Sure, they have life to try and win another game but it still doesn't mean anything until they win 3 more. Hell, even with Gabe Vincent out tonight, the Heat still have three chances to win the series. I know we talk about giving a team life, but there's 3 chances to win one game. One of those are in Miami. They already won on the road in Boston (multiple times) but they still have that one in Miami in their pocket too. 

I was sitting right there when Titus said it perfectly. If it wasn't Boston in their name, we're not giving anyone else a shot after a 3-0 win. It's just the fact it's the Celtics, despite the Heat having the better coach (way better), a superstar in Jimmy Butler and a damn good secondary star in Bam. Yeah, the Celtics have Tatum and Brown, but why are we just forgetting what the Heat have too? 

At some point we just have to trust the Heat right? I mean they keep fucking winning. They've done it before in the bubble. They made a run last year. It's not like we're talking about the Hawks with Trae Young in the Eastern Conference Finals a few years back. I despise the Heat, but at some point we just have to respect them and expect them to win. 

Great response. At least he's honest. He doesn't give a shit.