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Clipping Your Nails Outdoors Is The New Craze Sweeping The Country

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New York City is often lauded as the greatest city in the world. It's a sentiment that I support having lived in NYC for seven years myself. Everything is open all the time for the most part. The world is literally at your finger tips whenever you want. That being said, I can also agree that's it's a disgusting cesspool of filth and germs. It's a delicate balance, but a fair trade off. 

The city never ceases to surprise me and seemingly every day you'll see something you've never seen before. That was the case today as I was walking and saw a man clipping his fingernails on his stoop. Now this was a nice, quaint neighborhood. On the edge of Murray Hill/Kip's Bay. It was a nice block with a series of apartment buildings with clean looking stoops. It was a delightful stroll then I saw a man using nail clippers to trim his fingernails on his stoop. At first, I was disgusted. Gross! How can someone do that outside?! I thought. 

But then I pondered about this private grooming act being done out in public and thought, "Wow, that's actually kind of brilliant." There is a slight breeze, so literally no cleanup, and the city is literally covered in sewage basically 24/7. So it's not like the he's really making it worse. 

It's very gross to see scattered fingernails or toenails in your home if you miss the garbage, so to not have to worry about that in the least seems very freeing.

I should note, he was only cutting his fingernails and it wasn't obscene. If he had gone barefoot and done his toenails I may be singing a slightly different tune, but the pros still apply…

I put a poll out and the results were surprising.

What do you think? Are you in on this?