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The New NCAA Football Video Game Will Feature The Transfer Portal

If the new EA Sports college football game ever actually ends up being real, it looks like it will be pretty great. And while it seems like it will just keep getting delayed until we all eventually forget about it, I have no choice but to operate under the assumption it is, in fact, going to exist at some point.

The transfer portal is an absolute necessity to have in the game, but I hope it doesn't stop there. I want to have to meet with your school's NIL collective to keep your own players and get other guys from the portal. I want an option to tamper with players at other schools and take the risk of potentially getting in trouble with the NCAA. There are so many ways EA can go with the transfer portal to make this game awesome.

We just have to remind ourselves not to think about the fact that it was supposed to be in just a couple months that we were going to be taking a Friday off work to do nothing but play this game for the first time in a decade and instead trust that day will come next year. Patience is a virtue.