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If Michael Jordan Had Any Hand In Removing Himself From A Card In Which He Was (Kind Of) Dunked On By John Starks He Is Super Soft

30 Years ago , John Starks pulled off "The Dunk", one of the most famous Knicks playoff moments off all their runs in the 90's. It was a very popular poster that almost every kid I knew had growing up. Starks embodied everything about those 90's Knicks teams in terms of toughness, and having a chip on your shoulder. Starks was bagging groceries before he was in The NBA, was never afraid to scrap with anyone, and played each game like it was his last. The fans loved him, and loved this moment where he dunked over Horace Grant and (kind of) Michael Jordan. Everyone says it was over MJ, but even as a Knicks diehard, let's be honest he didn't dunk over him. 

Apparently, Jordan may not have taken the association of him getting dunked on so well because there’s a possibility he had his hand in removing his image from the iconic picture  from a trading card.

There are two possibilities here. 1 - Jordan was embarrassed to be in the image and demanded he was removed from the card. Which is an all time baby soft ass move and negates everything he built up of the tough guy image we loved , especially after rewatching all the new footage of The Last Dance. This would be the softest thing possible . 

2- Topps somehow didn’t have the rights to using Michael Jordan or was such fan boys , they decided to remove him. 

I am calling bullshit on 2 , and am all in on Jordan demanding he was removed to save his image. Who would have thought , Jordan is a softy. Live long enough on the internet you see it all. What a turn of events !