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The Browns Have Narrowed Down Their New Dawg Logo To The Final 2 And They Both Suck

So the Browns have been doing a fan vote contest to determine which Dawg we'll be using as our logo moving forward, and this morning they announced that we're down to the final two, aka the Championship Matchup. One of these two designs will become the official dawg logo of the Cleveland Browns.

My thoughts:

Giphy Images.

Am I wrong or do both of these absolutely suck? Like, the one on the right is a joke, right? I understand there's some symbolism involved with the state of Ohio in the left ear and the dog tag in the shape of Old Municipal Stadium, but are we really going to put that ugly ass dog on a t-shirt and try to sell it? I don't care how much symbolic meaning some High School English teacher has been able to fit into that picture, Mr. Droopy Face sucks and anyone that thinks he's cool is a loser.

As for the one on the left, there's no doubt in my mind that the creator of this also created the Toy Story Buzz Lightyear galactic logo the Guardians are using with wings coming out of a baseball. It would look cool on a Backyard Sports computer game, but these logos are for kids. Only time I'd wear this logo would be to my 9-year old nephew's birthday party. The kids would probably think it's lit!

I think Barstool Cleveland said it best when they tweeted, which one do you dislike the least? And I'm sitting here trying to give you an answer because there's always an answer to every question, but it's tough. They both have big time flaws. I guess, I guess, my answer to that is that I dislike the one of the Left the least. The Cleveland Little Angry Puppy Dawgs.

If we really want a dawg logo, there's clearly no better submissions than the old school option.

I'd wear a crewneck with that logo on it. 

And of course, McNeil with the perfect response to the Browns trying to make these logos cool: