Michael Block Is Already Turning People Off After Saying He Would Be The Best Golfer In The World If He Had Rory's Length Off The Tee

Jonathan Bachman. Getty Images.

Golf Digest- On the deepest, darkest and most attention-seeking corners of Golf Twitter last week, a few folks were, let's just say, "over" Michael Block. For the most part, it was simply a "you say salt, I say pepper" situation, with people hating on Block's story for the sake of hating. It's one of the most tired social media acts going.

But those haters had to feel a little vindicated on Wednesday when Block, speaking on the RipperMagoo podcast with Bob Menery, made a somewhat preposterous claim regarding Rory McIlroy's distance off the tee, Block having just seen it up close last Sunday. Menery asked Block what's the biggest difference between his game and McIlroy's, and Block's response as set Twitter aflame. 

"He's a lot longer than I am, that's what it is," said Block, a factual statement. 

"So the length is the big thing?" Menery added. 

"Oh my God," Block said. "What I would shoot from where Rory hits it would be stupid. I think I'd be one of the best players in the world. 

"Hands down. If I had that stupid length, all day. My iron game, wedge game, around the greens and my putting is world class," he said. 

The internet truly is incredible because they can build you up and take you down in the matter of a couple of days. Michael Block was America's sweetheart just 4 days ago while hitting a hole in one, playing with Rory, and everyone crying that he got invited to all of these tournaments now. 

I think the fame got to Block's head a little bit because saying all he needs is more length on his drive to become the best in the world feels like a massive stretch. He also said his short game, putting game and other shit is world class. Let's relax a bit Michael. You came in fucking 15th place. Be humble and if you start putting together some good tournaments, then you can start talking. 

This is like me saying if I had some of LeBron's physical talents, I would be the best basketball player in the world. Block went from being a feel good story to a club pro that looks down on everybody. I was all about the Block Party last week but I don't love his comments here. But if he thinks he is worthy of being on Rory's level, he needs to actually prove it and show up on the leaderboard for more than one tournament, preferably finishing in the Top 10.